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Default School Age Drop in Question, School Bus Question

I have a few people looking for before school only care. I'm thinking I should do it as drop in only right? I'm new so having some kids is better then none and actually these are kids my own children already know and I know. I don't plan on being full this year and these kids would be on the bus by 8:00am anyway (None of them need after school or days off since they all have older siblings in middle school)

Questions is - should I do as drop in or regular contract? Or is there a such things as a school age contract?

Also for these kids and any others I might have in my childcare that attend our school. I'm on our School bus line (my kids ride the bus) so normally would these kids be able to ride even if they don't live on the bus line but go to the school? Do I call the bus company or is it the parents responsibility to find out? I'm trying to word it in my contract which is why I ask.
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