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Originally Posted by Stepping View Post
We are thinking about trying for a second baby. I was employed when I conceived my first and had great medical coverage through my employer.

The individual plan I pay for now does not cover maternity costs. How do you pay for your maternity costs when you're self employed? Are there separate policies or do I add to my existing policy? If anyone knows of a good insurance company to contact, I would appreciate the advice.

Also, anyone used Aflac for short term disability? I'm thinking of one of their policies to cover my maternity leave.

I don't personally know anything about maternity costs but my friend who is self-employed used Combined Insurance (VERY similar to AFLAC) and had 6 weeks of maternity leave covered.

I don't know the specifics or the cost but you can google Combined and maybe it will tell you.

I do use Combined as a supplemental insurance for accidents and/or sickness.
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