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Seems you want yo have it both ways, you want to come and go as you please and charge us for your non-service because we are paying for the spot. So if I am paying for a spot like a salary as stated previous then it should not matter if hours are exceed since you have no concern to charge us when you do nothing at all and are not open for business.
I would be glad too....not to have you come to care 😂 Your child deserves better than such a selfish parent. STAY.HOME. if you don't like/understand the fees or go to a drop-in provider ( more $ and no guarantee of availability). You are a crappy parent if you think it's okay to leave your kids for hours on end at daycare when you're not really even doing anything, simply because of money. That just goes to show what kind of person you are. Either you are a troll or selfish total b****
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