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I have single item small bins. Sometimes I just pull out a particular thing kids are asking for- the doctors kit- and add it to what we have. (placing item into a plastic shelf bin) Sometimes I change out all/ most of the toys. Certain things tend to stay out, phones, cameras etc, baby dolls. Other things rotate- types of play food, building blocks etc.

So single item bins, dump into plastic baskets. Put other toys back into their single item bin. Those are how most of my toys are stored.

Then I have larger bins that contain an entire theme (most of these are seasonal) So right now I have a beach/ summer bin. Then bin sits in the dinning room and I pull out appropriate items depending on the day. In it there are items for the sensory bin. Craft items that go with the theme. Books etc. There are some very theme specific puzzles in there. But things like the fish puppets get put back into their smaller bin because we may want those another day. I am looking forward to pulling out my fall bin!! It has all of the apples and leaves and fun stuff in it

I will try and take some pictures of my organization when I switch out Labor Day weekend. I am moving my two "kids" in the next 2 weeks- son next weekend back to college, daughter the next weekend to a different apartment so that is the first time I will have... but I will be ready for fall then
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