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I was completely burned out I think before covid started. Then March issues, covid, loss of income even though I kept my childcare open, my own children moving home and the list goes on. I was stressed but in a different way.

Summer happened then here we are in fall, we become empty nesters, wildfires are threatening us, I'm helping 6 children distant learn BUT I'm not truly, truly stressed. I'm loving the distant learning, having my school agers and only 3 preschoolers. Everyone then goes back to school and its just not the same. Our little family is broken up!

What I have realized though through all of this my stress level isn't the same as it was before covid, I don't dread my job anymore, I actually am back to enjoying it and why? I think because when covid started, I lost one of my children that was harder and that made all the difference in the world! I also went from 10 down to 2 for like a month and that was nice.

See what the stress is and if it truly is the job all around, then yes it is time to move on. If it is certain aspects of the job see if you can change them. Make the job work for you, not you work for the job.
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