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Originally Posted by storybookending View Post
I have always had the idea in my head that someday I would make my daycare kiddos a ball pit for the downstairs playroom but I have never got around to it. I have seen tutorials on Pinterest that use PVC pipe and deer netting (I am not sure on the durablility though and the throwing of balls is a concern.

The local McDonald’s closed down their ballpit (about 7 years ago now probably) and somehow a friend of mine ended up with all of the balls. He said I could have them if I waited u til Spring and dug then out of the slio and cleaned them all up myself. I might take him up on that offer. Although now that his nephew is getting older he might go back on that offer and make a call out for him. I’ll try to remember to message him in mid March and see if they are still available.
Why not message now and see if they are still available in the spring? Less time for him to change his mind.
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