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I do have free play in the morning and afternoon for over an hour. Circle time is only 10-15 minutes then it leads to group activities in the craft room where I would eventually use this time to teach a preschool curriculum then we get ready to go outside and take bathroom breaks/diaper changes so it's not that long of a time frame.

I'm looking for craft ideas or messy projects I should fill a few days of the week with. Maybe I could add a music cd each day after circle time for dance in the morning?

OK, here is a thought. Free play is from arrival to breakfast at 8:00. Breakfast ends around 8:20 so maybe I could have free play before and after breakfast then at 9:00 start circle time for 10 minutes then do music after circle time and then start a messy project at 9:30 and try to be cleaned up and outside by 10:15? I just can't go outside much before 10 because it's cold outside.
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