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Originally Posted by Snowmom View Post
That's great that you do that. It does really help future reading skills to be able to recognize the written world around us.

For the sake of argument about the specific topic- using an exit sign and have it BE useful, then it would need to be taught what "exit" means and what "exit" looks like.
Most adults don't teach that to 2 yr olds.
When looking at it from a safety aspect...
When we have fire drills, what do we say to the children?
Go to the exit or go the door?
We need to exit or we need to leave?
Sure, you could teach that exit means door, but not too many people use that terminology with children in every day speech because it can be confusing to use so many terms. Not that it shouldn't be taught- just that it isn't.

The only way this would even make a little bit of sense to me is if you had to use a big red, lit up glowing EXIT sign that is also used in commercial business. But, code would require them to run electricity above the door to install one. For an (average) 2000 ft sq home that only uses half of it's sq ft for daycare and is routinely used by the child (same door in and out everyday)- ridiculous. Plus we just took one more step into turning the HOME feel into a full fledged (invasive) commercial business.
Well, if you use that reasoning, though, parents don't teach self-help skills or other things that providers teach kids either, but I still teach those. My fire marshall has codes that I must follow. My sign in/out log is acceptable to licensing but not to the fire marshall so I have a separate form I use in my emergency notebook each day. Bottom line is, no matter how crazy some rules sound, each state entity in whatever state makes providers follow their protocol so I do it to meet my state regs.
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