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Letspretend 06:15 PM 03-09-2015
To all those out there with experience, I'm looking for some help and advice on advertising my home daycare service (unlicensed). I have my house prepared, have distributed a handful of business cards to friends, library and a local community billboard. I have also set up my own Facebook (FB) page and posted my details on a local FB community business page.
I have only lived here for 18 months and haven't met many people. My daughter is a second grader at our local school and my son is at pre-school just twice a week for a few hours.

Its been about 2 weeks and I've heard nothing. Am I being overoptimistic? Is it the wrong time of year to be looking for clients?
I also live in an area were there are several corporate offices. Should I be brave and walk in and leave a business card with the HR departments?

Any help, advice, thoughts or comments most welcome...