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Play Care 10:11 AM 09-08-2015
I have a SA dcboy. This year will be his last with me. My numbers are tight this year, so on half days from school and days when his school is closed (staff development days, vacations, etc) I won't have a spot for him. The only days I have are strictly after school as one family is picking up before school lets out. So I had emailed this to the parents:

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I do have a slight change. While I do have space for J after school, I will unfortunately not have a space on days off from school or half days. As you don't normally use most of this time I am hoping this is not too great of an inconvenience.
But what I had meant was all the staff development half days and days off that the district takes, not holidays. So today when they dropped off, they shorted the check for yesterday. My thought is that had yesterday not been a holiday, but a school day, he would have come after school and thus holiday pay is due.
But looking back at the email it doesn't seem really clear. I did email them back with a "hey, I need to clarify what I meant" and went to list the specific days on the calendar where no money would be due.
Ugh, I hate messing up!
And this is my nickle and dime family, too