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Cat Herder 10:37 AM 12-31-2010
I got an unusual request (at least to me) this morning. A woman calls asking about available slots. I explain that I won't have any for a minimum of 3.5 years, barring anything unforeseen, and offer to place her on my waiting list. I then politely thank her for her interest and wish her a Happy New Year.

As I am about to hang up she asks if she can pay cash "under the table" since she only needs care for 5 months. She then explains she needs that time so I can potty train her daughter before school starts in the fall.

I explained to her that even if I did have a slot that is not something I could do. I explained it is illegal for me to take her out of ratio and could cost me everything I have worked for. I also told her that potty training was a parental responsibility and I only assist here.

Her response was "but that is WHY I want her in daycare to begin with." and then hung up. Anyone else getting calls like these? Too weird for words!!!