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284878 07:14 AM 10-26-2019
I recommend that you get a cacfp food serving chart and post it in your entryway near sign in. Along with giving a copy to the parent in question.

Go here to print out

Child is not required to eat meat at 6 months or at all (those Jarred meats are disgusting). Not all doctors recommend cereal as first foods. The food program doesn't even require anymore. Child can get protein from other foods besides meat, like dairy or eggs.

As for the milk, DCM needs to provide the maxium daily per meal according to the chart. The infant doesn't have to drink it, it just has to be available. Blame it on state laws, if have too. But you need more milk per day.
Solid foods are optional at this age, they are more for practice and the focus needs to be on the milk (bm or formula) for daily calorie intake.