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SunflowerMama 12:08 PM 01-20-2011
So based on an earlier thread I gave my parents a little evaluation to complete. Everything came back great but 2 of the parents (friends) both mentioned they'd like to see more work on writing letters and numbers (upper, lower case, etc.).

I use Mother Goose so we do tracing of letters and I have the kids that can write their names do so on their work but I don't do worksheets or anything like that to enourage writing skills. I'm more of the mindset that by giving them lots of opportunity for free art and drawing time eventually those skills will come with a little bit of direction. I also do a lot of fine motor activities to help with development (beading, small puzzle pieces, drawing shapes, etc.). I know all kids develop at their own rate so I just give them opportunity to practice on blank paper if they like and if they ask for help I'll give it but other than that I just supply the activities and encourage along the way. My main goal was to having them writing their names before kindergarten and would be overly happy for anything beyond that.

Should I be doing more with them to develop their writing??