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SunflowerMama 12:21 PM 01-20-2011
Originally Posted by DCMomOf3:
If your parents are asking, it wouldn't hurt to add 5 more minutes a day to it. I made dry-erase cards with their names on it, and have them trace them a few times in the morning. and they have writing paper pads that have a-z pages and numbers. I copy the letter of the week from there and have them practice those as well. I do think it just comes with practice, and it can't hurt to help them develop that skill at 4.
Where did you get the writing paper pads with a-z pages/numbers? I'd love to get each of the older kids one and we could add work in these daily to our schedule. And are the dry erase pads just little dry erase boards and you write their name and then have them trace over it a few times each day?