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lvt77 01:37 PM 01-20-2011
We also use MGT. I too had some parents tell me that they wanted to see more worksheets that promoted writing. I explained to them that at this age worksheets were not fun and would not teach them anything.

You are correct that just giving them a crayon or writing tool of any kind will help them learn control and in time they will be able to use the tool better to accomplish writing letters and numbers. I used to attach a little note to their drawings that said: for now these drawings look like a lot of lines and circles, but one day they will become letters and numbers.....

To make the parents happy, I started printing out reproducible from a website and giving them to the kids 2 times a week. I tell the parents that I will not force it and if they choose not to do it then they can take it home to do with mom and dad. Guess what always goes home with mom and dad....yup the worksheets....

I also teach zoo-phonics, fantastic program and the kids love it. Movement in everything you do with zoo phonics..... The parents were amazed by it that they kind of stopped bugging about the writing their names and worksheets.