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Blackcat31 06:13 AM 01-21-2011
Originally Posted by kareng:
For writing numbers this is what I do....
straight line 1 is fun
Around the block on the choo choo track is 2222-2222 (try to sound like a train)
Around the tree and around the tree, this is how we make a three
Down and over and down some more, this is how we make a 4
Down and around, put a hat on the top and look who we found....a fat old 5!
Around the hoop, the 6 forms a loop
Across the sky and down from heaven....this is how we make a 7
Make an S but don't you wait....come on up and make an 8
A circle and a line, this is how we make a 9
1 and 0 are very best friends, they go everywhere together and their name is 10

For letters....first I hold their hand lightly to write letters......or to do writing prompts. As they learn, I start talking them through the this.....
e: go straight across then run around the bush
c: make a 1/2 soccer ball
r: make a line down like the rain then make a rainbow

I just make it up as i go.....but whatever I make up.....I say it the same way every time.
Here are some poems for making letters