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Default Minding or not minding your business?

My son was in a licensed daycare owned by a district attorney!!! but managed by a college aged male. I wish someone had NOT minded their business when it came to my child. As a result, my son was bit on the shoulder so hard that you could see the meat and bone! My son was 8 and the other child was 9!! Not ONE SINGLE adult was in the room when it occurred. This other boy had hit my son before and harrassed other kids at the daycare. A parent saw the incidents with the hitting and such and never reported it. Some people near the daycare knew about the kids being forced to run 2 miles in 102 degree weather and other horrific things! NOT ONE PERSON CALLED THE STATE ON THIS!!!!! If they had, my son would not have been bitten so badly or hit since this boy began coming to the daycare after the running of the two miles. It was my child's OWN parent that had to save my son and I was the one who had to get the daycare shut down. The problem with the world today is that "no one wants to get involved" In other cultures, the whole community helps raise the children and it used to be like that in America. Helping children is not be nosey or being out of line. Telling someone how to raise or discipline their own child is wrong but best believe itf I see you abusing your own child or someone else's I'm your worst nightmare. I don't think you should assume or make up stuff but if you see something that just doesn't seem right, call it in. People will call in abuse to an animal before abuse to a child! How does that make sense? Do you know what the people said when they saw the children running in the heat (with no water bottles EITHER)? They told me "Well, it wasn't MY child so I didn't think it was important." That is the most appalling thing I have EVER heard. Needless to say, my son has never gone to another daycare since and my newborn won't either. Sometimes you are the only voice that child has.....use it for them! I worked 8 years with abused children and adults, an elementary teacher, and now a stay at home mom with an unlicensed daycare. I do not plan to get licensed either but it doesn't make me any less of a childcare provider. With my passion for children and wanting to advocate for children, you WANT your child in a daycare like mine. I have an open door policy with 8 cameras in my home for parents to watch their child during the day on the computer if they choose. Do a background check and get neighbor references on any home the police and ask if they have or had any calls from that home during or after hours...spend the day with the whatever you need to for your peace of mind. I would pull a child if you have ANY red flags in your head about something they do that you don't like.
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