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"People need to mind there business. If she is not bothering you, then why are you worried. Let that woman make her money. If she was abusing or neglecting the children, nobody would have anything to say. That's what is wrong with the world today, people report the wrong things."

First of all, get yourself a's THEIR not THERE. Further, unlicensed daycare cast a pall upon all the good care providers out there that follow the law. What's wrong with the world is people like you that think only certain laws and statutes are important. Operating an unlicensed day care is the equivalent of operating a restaurant without the proper safety and cleanliness guidelines. If the woman wants to "make her money" then let her comply with the same statutes and laws that licensed day care facilities must abide by.
Just because they are licensed doesnt mean they are good providers. The daycare provider that "accidently" sufficated one of her daycare children was a licensed provider. He wouldnt lay still at naptime so she put her casted foot on him. He died she didnt realize it till after naptime was over and he never got up. They said she didnt mean to kill him so ops she got off easy and now she has a daycare again. And if u havent noticed most of the licensed daycare providers are very expensive. Also if its a church or big corporate daycare they are 25% or higher than normal daycares. One near me I calculated made $12000 a month minimum thats over $600000 a year. they are considered nonprofit too. In the area where i live, that is a lot. Their prices are almost too much to afford. I know with my job I would pay them more for daycare than i make a week. thats sad. And with 4-c funds down theres no hope. the only hope i have is unlicensed providers.
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