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Default To Greta:

I TOTALLY agree with your post, (it would just make this reply to long haha).

Anyway I agree with you. However that is why from now on I am REFUSING to respond to people who are not registered. I have said it before, if they can't be bothered to sign in, I can't be bothered to deal with them either.

I think it's people like the OP who like to post things just to get us upset, aggravated, etc...just to see what we will say and how we will react. More or less to get a response from us.

That being said, I too have my own opinions and thoughts about that poster. However going back to my refusing to respond policy, I am keeping my mouth shut.

It's people like the OP that want to get a wile up our noses. Well they won't get one from me!
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