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Originally Posted by craftymissbeth View Post
I've been doing 2 bean days, a chicken day, a pb&j w/ an egg day, and a fish day.

Tomorrow I'm making a whole chicken ($5ish) in the crockpot with just some basic seasonings, steamed carrots, fresh broccoli, and buttered egg noodles. It's one of our favorite cheap meals. Plus, we eat the leftover chicken for dinner to freeze the rest for next week.

I try to base my meals on my food program reimbursement. Tomorrow's lunch gets me $14.40 from the food program and our lunch only cost maybe $11.
What kind of beans? My kids do not like pinto beans. I was thinking of making refried beans with coconut oil, homemade tortillas and cheese to make a tostada or quesadilla. Beans are so nutritious and cheap!

Dumb question....but do you really save by buying whole chickens versus frozen chicken breasts?

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