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Originally Posted by Roku4 View Post
Aloha, I am new to this exciting forum. I just started my business in March (this year) with my daughter called L.A.M.P. We are having a blast. The children have been great, the parents have been enjoyable. The paperwork has been CONFUSING!!
Not the everyday ones but the end of the year wrap up one. We are on vacation and I thought it would take me a couple days to close the books but its taking me a week... yikes!! This leaves me with just one more and the children come back, what type of vacation is this??
My background is fairly simple, working for a company that had the contract to help families that were on drugs or abuse their children in some way I needed to Supervise the visit and make sure the child was safe at all times. I seen a lot and had to prevent to much that it was time for me to make a difference. I had always wanted have a daycare but my husband wasn't ready. As soon as he was I never looked back and his support has been unbelievable. I am so excited to get started search to find answers and to give advise.
Thank you.
Welcome to the forum!
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