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Default Help Me Out With Snacktime Protein Ideas

Got 2 kids with lactose intolerance (1 full-time)
3 with severe egg allergies (1 full-time)
1 with severe fish and severe nut/peanut allergies (she lives here!)

I'm finally getting around to making a menu and it's becoming obvious why I open my pantry each day, look at the kids, and (internally!) go "Well, $*&@."

I do fine with chicken, beans, chickpeas, turkey dogs, and lentils for the lunchtime protein, but I want to get the kids off to a good start in the AM. I can serve dairy to some of the kids since there's no actual allergy, but I can't serve it to the kids who'll spend the rest of the day shooting poop out of their pants. A little hard cheese is fine for both of these guys, but I can't just give cheese cubes for AM and PM snack Monday through Friday.
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