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I got a great deal on fabric bags printed with my daycare name and website that I'm going to stuff with an inexpensive toy ($1 or $2), a story book, and a photo book of the dc kids over the year, printed and colour copied for minimal cost. I figure it'll be about $10 per kid.

I'm also spreading out my spending for the dc kids -- this is my first Christmas with them, and I haven't budgeted the cost of dc Christmas gifts into our expenses yet.

I have to admit though, marketing is my thing and while I love these kids and want to do something nice for them, my first thought for the bags was "What a great way to get my name out there and potentially find more clients!". Same with the photo books -- you wanna bet my daycare name will be all over it, so that whenever they show the pictures to other people, my name will be advertised as well. So, while my gift-giving isn't completely self-less, it does feel justifiable, spending that much on each kid. I feel like I'll make at least some of that money back eventually.
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