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Originally Posted by Chickenhauler View Post
If you have kids whose parents have been a PITA to deal with over the year (letting the kids drink pop and candy and drop them off all sugared up or bringing inappropriate toys), now is your opportunity to repay the favor.

For those children, wrap up a high sugar energy drink, 3-4 King size candy bars, and top it all off with a cheap, loud drum.

Hmmmmm.... Are you thinking of a particular child in this general suggestion?

If so, what's sad is in this child's case parent(s) would let the child have said drink and candy because it's the holiday (or birthday or they're only young once) and the loud toy would be a huge hit at home and also find it's way back to daycare. Oh, and you know that the parent(s) would allow the child the goodies (drinks & candy) in the car on the way to daycare. Child would waltz in the door with said candy in front of everyone else as child takes last bite rubbing it in to all other children that he gets spoiled...

I have decided to go the book/animal route. I'm not making my purchases from Kohls though. The dollar stores in the area have some pretty good selections. The animals the kids are getting are beanie-baby sized. The animal matches the book they're given. The one exception is one girl is getting a Little Mermaid book, and she's getting a mermaid doll instead of an animal. I'll be spending less than $5 per child. More like $2 or $3. I figure since it's my first year we'll keep it small, yet fun.
Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.
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