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Originally Posted by bklsmum View Post
No daycare forces sleep but if they children are sleeping for the full two hours then they need the full two hours. At my daycare the kids don't have to sleep but they do have to lay quietly and not disturb the kids that are sleeping. If they do not fall asleep after a reasonable amount of time they can look at books quietly on the mats but everyone is laying down quietly for two hours here.
My daycare children are all over the place as far as rest times. Some nap, some don't. Some nap 30m, some an entire 3 hours. I can't FORCE anything.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Sorry I disagree. Parenting is not about following what some book says about what an average kid should be doing. It's about knowing your own child and what they need. Lucky for you you have a child that naps well and also sleeps well at night. That makes you lucky, not necessarily a better parent than anyone else.
I know my child. She needs 10 hours of sleep at night, and a 30 minute nap. When she gets that, she is an angel. Why do I have to fight my daycare to ensure she only naps for 30 minutes? If THEY let her sleep longer, it is less healthy for her as she won't get a good sleep at night. The the vicious cycle ensues (tired during day--long nap--won't sleep at night). The onus is on the daycare to follow what the child needs, and if the parent knows they need less sleep the daycare should respect that. They are harming my child by letting her nap too long!!
If your child sleeps enough at night, then theoretically, that child wouldn't need a nap on Monday.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I pay the daycare to watch my child. I am therefore their employer, they are my employee, you would expect they would work with me on this. Yes I can 'fire' them. The thought has crossed my mind; but all of this is a recent development, so it is a definite consideration (though a huge hassel to move them elsewhere...finding spots for 2 at once is never easy).
I am not anyone's employee. I am self employed and provide a service for which you chose to contract me for.

Now, let's be productive. Have you spoken to the center/child care provider regarding this? What was their policy on naps? Is your child promptly falling asleep at rest and sleeping how long?

I will also be honest- MOST 3yo's still need a nap. Daycare is MUCH different than a lazy day at home. They are physically, mentally and emotionally stimulated. That is why we have regulations about the necessity of down time.

3yo's are also challenging. Most parents have dealt with minor issues with their 2yo's. 3's are MASTER manipulators and need much more consistency, and a harder line with rules and routines.

Is your child staying in bed, behaving, wide awake staring at the ceiling or getting out of bed 100x?
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