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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
That first line is so ignorant. I am unlicensed because 1) I cannot afford upfront all the fees and classes necessary to become licensed. We live paycheck to paycheck as it is. 2) I can not work a regular job because LICENCED providers in my area have been completely unreliable costing me two job already. 3) I am so much reliable and a better provider then the LICENCED providers, that two of parents came because of neglect to their kids from previous providers (one has a permanent burn scar on her hand for the rest of her life). They recommend me all the time to their friends (they both work in the medical field) and I have had to turn people down all the time now because I cannot take on any more kids. 4) paid my taxes last year and plan to so again this year. 5) Youve are honestly coming off as jealous and may be trying to run someone off so you can shut them down and take their business because sadly they are better then you even while being unlicensed. Sad little woman you are
Are you legally unlicensed, or illegally?
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