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Originally Posted by MamaB'sKidz View Post
DCB just turned 3 in June and all the sudden won't take naps. He usually naps everyday from 12:45 to 2:30 and I would usually have to wake him up. We are following the same routine here at daycare and I've talked with mom about any changes at home. She says no changes there. This little guy has some delays and though he's not been officially diagnosed I believe he's on the Autism Spectrum. He's non-verbal but makes lots of sounds and he doesn't respond to directions. For example, if I asked him to play quietly, I don't believe he is able to comprehend. I've tried to keep him occupied in the kitchen while the others sleep but he gets very loud and woke my 2 little ones. Mom doesn't want me to give him naps anymore. She thinks he's outgrowing them. I have other children in care and they all nap. The older ones nap In the playroom and younger ones in the living room. Any ideas?? How would you handle this?
I think I have your dcb twin brother here. The one I have here is exactly like you describe. (Low language, probably on the spectrum, suddenly stopped napping) It has taken me forever to troubleshoot the nap problem.

My guy hasn't outgrown naps but he was using misbehavior to avoid naps. He discovered they worked at home and decided to try them out on me.

It took a good month of a rigid, and I mean rigid, routine to get him napping again.
Specifically, I had to:
Keep him right near me because, if I didnt, as soon as lunch ended he would run around like a wild child.
Sit right next to him every. Single. Day
Darken the nap room with extra sheets.
Put his cot right next to a wall with nothing nearby to touch.
It is tough, and can be a sanity tester. I had his mom come in a few times during the process because I needed a break. Thankfully, she knows he is a tough kid and was willing to pitch in. I have found that very few parents are.

The only other options are giving up nap or terminating services.
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