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Originally Posted by MCC View Post
The 18 month old that has hearing loss (I posted about last week) is terming. We have been having problems with naps, and behavior, and I have been very open to working with this family on the issues. Ex: moving nap time from 1pm to 2pm, as she seems to nap better at that time. I rearranged the whole day to try to work with them, and have been very understanding about the fact that they didn't tell me she had a hearing loss at the interview.

On Friday, I had a one on one with DCM that I wanted to have a meeting with her and DCD about the actual diagnosis, and after her 18 month appointment, I would need the Dr.'s input on how to move forward. I also have a state reg. form for children with any type of "special need" and I needed it filled out by the Dr.

She came today, and I could tell by the way she handed me her crumpled up check, that she was pissed. She told me that DCG only took morning naps now, and I told her that I needed her to take the PM nap, and I was going to try to get her to do that. She seemed like she needed more, so I asked "Where are you right now with keeping DCG here?" and she said "this is not my two weeks notice, but we are looking for other care". She told me she was OFFENDED that I would say that there was something wrong with her child and that she thought I was too frustrated with DCG over the naps.

I reassured her that I wasn't frustrated at all, but having an 18 month old not nap, makes for a some what disorganized day, and I feel that I can't finish dishes from lunch, much less make my own lunch. I also assured her that I never said there was something wrong with her kid. (She is obviously taking this very personally, as I think any mom would). She then said that she loves having DCG here, but she is pulling b/c she is offended.

I am slightly torn up about this, that she thinks I'm frustrated, which I am not, maybe annoyed, but I think frustrated is a strong word to use in reference to a child's behavior. And that she thinks I said her kid had something wrong with them.

Am I putting too much on this? I should just let this go right?

Also- is it fair for me to give her two weeks now, so I can fill the spot?
I would give YOUR notice - sorry but I don't want to work with parents that don't want ME.
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