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Originally Posted by MCC View Post
This is exactly my concern. There are constantly going to be things to get offended about when raising a child. Is she going to pull her out of kindergarten b/c the teacher had to discipline her and talk to them about it?

I am very open to talking to DCM about it more, except, this morning I went outside with her to talk privately (My husband was with the kids) and she said "I can't keep having these conversations everyday." This morning would be the 3rd time we have "talked" more than "DCGs day was fine." If she can't see that I am having these conversations with her to insure that we are moving forward correctly, then I'm not sure what else I can do.

You know what? I think I'm offended that she can't see how much time/energy/love I'm putting into this right now!
There is your answer.

Why bother helping someone who clearly doesn't want the help.

I'd definitely term. I'd give two weeks notice and be CLEAR about the fact that you are doing so because you refuse to be involved with a family that is refusing to see past their emotions and use their heads...

I truly feel for their daughter as I see this being an issue for a while no matter where she attends for care.
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