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Originally Posted by safechner View Post
Yes that child is deaf since you said she has no words unless she have some hearing loss (slightly or mild hearing loss or one profound deaf in one ear) that would be called hard of hearing! I dont think you understand the whole things about deaf culture. You are right that being deaf is not disability. Once again, deaf people are NOT special needs! I have been around deaf and hearing community. I grew up to be around deaf and hearing community and I know how they are. Also, I am deaf myself but I can speak very well. I went speech therapy to learn how to speak on my choice, not my parents when I was a child because I was very interested into it. My mother told me that I do have a few words before she found out I was deaf at 2 years old. I can hear a very little without wearing one of my hearing aid. Right now, I can't hear anymore because my hearing loss is keeping worse. I am now profoundly hearing loss in both the ears but I am still wearing one hearing aid on my left ear. I am still called to be deaf myself anyways. Once again, you wouldn't need a special needs form for that child unless she has physical limited.

As you mentioned that she can say "hum" but that is how deaf people use it. My hearing husband told me that he hears me to use "mmm" a tune. I tried not to make sounds when I eat or whatever I was doing. My daughter who is profoundly deaf always "hum" or "mmmm" tunes all the time when I hear her.

To Familycare71, really!! I am NOT special needs! Look at me, I been running a daycare for 12 years and I worked with hearing children. As of right now, I closed daycare for a while to being a stay home mom with my baby. Deaf people can do anything as hearing people do.
fwiw~ I don't think OP is saying SHE thinks DCG is "special needs"

....I think she is just saying that her state requires she has a form filled out that is titled "special needs"...OP didn't write the rules or the form.

I also don't think OP is asking for anything "special" from the family...other than to provide the hearing aides that the doctor prescribed for her.

If the parents informed the provider that the child is prescribed hearing aides, then I think the provider has every right to require that the child have them while in her home/care.
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