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Originally Posted by craftymissbeth View Post
It's been a few days since I read through this entire thread, but is it possible it simply slipped their minds at the interview? I am 100% deaf in one ear and I honestly forget that I am... So I certainly don't think to tell anyone about it. In fact my doctor doesn't even know about it... since I don't necessarily consider it a disability or anything like that I have never added it to my paperwork when I start at a new doctor. Doesn't even cross my mind.
I asked the mom last Thursday right out about why is was not brought up, and that is exactly what she said. DCG was only 11 months when she started here, so it was completely normal that she wasn't talking at that point. I told her that I understood how it was forgotten, but now that she isn't talking or responding to basic commands like "sit down", "No", "lets go" I wanted to see what the Dr. says at her 18 month appointment. After that appointment I wanted to have a discussion about what the plans are for helping her communicate.

Just FTR how this was brought up in the first place was last month. DCM asked me if DCG was talking at all at my house. I told her no, and she said "Oh, did we mention she had a traumatic birth that caused hearing loss". So Mom brought the speech issue up, not me.

I had a DCB here started around 14 months and left at 19 months. During that time he did not start talking. They brought him in for evaluations and it was a simple speech delay. Mom came in and had a hour long talk with me about how I am supposed to help DCB learn basic words. She basically trained me on what she had been trained to do. THAT is how this should be dealt with.

I am perfectly comfortable caring for a child who needs help communicating, I just need to know how to move forward with it, now that it is known that she has some "hearing loss". I however am NOT going to continue to have DCM be rude and dismissive to me.
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