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Originally Posted by MCC View Post
Wowza. The child is not deaf. She has hearing loss that happened from a traumatic birth. According to my states licensing, I do need a form for a child with hearing loss. I also need to have the full diagnosis, as I need to decide if I am equipped to handle/help/encourage growth with this child. It should have been brought up in the interview, period.

I do know sign language, and I do understand deaf culture, I studied it extensively in college, and have several deaf friends. I understand that being deaf is not a disability. I never used the word disability with the parents. I did however say that I wasn't sure I was the right provider for DCG.

I do not know anything about deaf babies and napping, but I do know that this child is cranky/angry/crying most of the afternoon, b/c she isn't getting enough rest. I also do not know any day care providers that would allow a 18 month old to skip nap, but since she is SCREAMING during nap, that is really our only option.

Andplusalso- The kid has been prescribed hearing aids, the parents are not giving them to her- if she isn't going to being given the option to hear, she should learn sign here, and at home. Mom and Dad have no interests in teaching/learning sing, so this child is not being given the gift of communication.
I feel like after reading this you really know what is the best option for yourself to do. It is like the lights clicked in and that happens to all of us from time to time, because we invest so much of ourselves into these children and truly care- Your emotions got a hold of what your backbone was trying to tell you all along

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