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Default Keep Him, or Let Him Go?

We have recently gotten a new full time 3 yr old. The full time status was just what the owner needed to bring in extra money each week, and his arrival/departure schedule fits in just right for her needs, but there are other things to consider. The owner and myself do not know whether to terminate him already or keep trying for a little while longer. This was his 2nd week there. He pushes the toddlers down, sometimes for no reason, sometimes it's because they have something he wants and he just yanks the item from their hand and pushes them away at the same time. Him and a 4 yr old in particular do NOT get along. The least little thing sets them into a "hands and feet flying fight". I've never seen anything like it for children their age. Another thing is he just will NOT listen when we tell him to come, or go do something, or pick up the toys he threw all over the floor just for the fun of it. Sometimes he'll knock (small plastic) chairs over and scatter them around the room just to do it. Nap time and meals/snacks are a huge hassle, too, just getting him to sit down and stay where he's supposed to be. The other children don't have as much trouble with it as him. Time outs don't affect him, and receives them SO OFTEN. He got at least 4 today (for pushing, fighting, etc), but that's not counting the times he should have gotten one, but we chose to just talk to him and remind him of the rule broken instead, hoping that would be more effective. He can be really sweet too, though, and he's growing on us. The daycare owner has talked to the mom so she's aware of the situation and how he's behaving, and she says she's going to work with us and do anything she can to help the situation, but will it be enough soon enough? His mom is honest and admits that he had a lot of behavior problems in his other daycare too, which was like a year ago. We're thinking about giving it one more week and without a lot of improvement, terminate his care. What do you all think? The extra full time income is really needed by the owner, and like I said, we've seen his sweet and cute side too. But he's taking a LOT of attention away from the other children.
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