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Originally Posted by Annalee View Post
Have any of you noticed how some parents make their kids walk in on their own at age 1-2 but at age 3-4 start carrying them in they regress or something. Every day, I tell my mom, I feel so sorry for kindy teachers with all these children with no independence or self-help skills.
Every. Single. One.

I actually discuss this phenomenon during the enrollment interviews when their kids are young infants or still inutero. They all laugh like it is the funniest thing they have ever heard. (They all also claim they will pick up close to two hours earlier than they actually do by 12 months of age, but I digress.)

When I remind them of the conversation, as I told them I would while they were laughing, they squirm and generally mumble something about easier or feign outright indignity. I stay on them about it and would terminate over it if it came to it, never has.

I require them to have their children walk in, greet me. I then have the kids hang up their jackets, potty, wash hands and walk nicely to the playroom centers until breakfast. It is part of our daily curriculum in preparation for kindergarten. It is very important. It is how we begin each and every day while they are enrolled here.
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