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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Dad View Post
I had never thought about hiring a nanny before and most likely wouldn't because I think social experience my child receives by being with other kids is good for her.

I have never seen the contract but its the only daycare in the area that had slots. so would have had to use it regardless.

The money is not the issue. I'm and overseas government contractor and make close to $200k/yr. Like I said its a perception thing. I may not agree with it but its whats available. Everyone has their own opinion on the matter. so, whether your for it or against it is up to you.
Considering my daycare 'scam' allows me to make about 44K a year, and you make 200K a year, I can see where our perceptions would be vastly different. And out of my 44K a year come all the taxes and expenses of providing quality childcare so my 'scam' makes a profit of *maybe* 16K where I can actually provide for my own household, help my 2 dds pay off their college tuition, pay cellphone/vet bills, save(hahaha) and survive. So please tell me again why I should NOT charge per enrollment and just attendance, because any provider knows for a fact, that a dcf will always do what works for them and go the free route. A week such as this one, would give me 3 days pay as opposed to the 5 day rate I'll be getting. I wouldn't be able to take any recharge vacation time during Christmas, to spend with my own family or return to care for others' families refreshed and ready. Being a provider is a high burn-out career already and to work making even less money would extinguish any flame I have left.

Just wanted to give a more personal take on the perspective of the childcare scam.
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