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Default Report or not to report

As a licensed daycare provider for over 9 years I feel we have a obligation to care and protect children. Each state has different guidelines on their regulations as to when a certification or license is needed to care for children. There is no law that states we can not care for children laws are set up to say at what point or amount of children does a license and education be needed! No as a society we should not mind our own business nor are there any records to how many child are hurt at licensed daycares verses unlicensed. The point of unlicensed daycares is to make an income without following the rules or to pay taxes. So in a sense anyone operating as a daycare that should be licensed due to the amount of children in care is in violation. And with that in mind how could a parent who is looking for a safe and quality daycare have piece of mind that this person is going to care for your children the best. Sure people are there do babysitting for a few children but actually running a daycare with education and regulation is what's makes a quality daycare, a safe environment with learning experiences and love. Seems to me so called daycares that what you to mind your own business is someone I would stay clear of, they are hiding something! When you follow the regulations and offer the very best for children then you have nothing to worry about that's where you will find the best for your child and isn't that what's important. Just because you raised some children doesn't mean you know what you are doing for someone else's family.
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