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nannyde 06:44 AM 06-21-2018
No worries.

She can take Kindergarten twice if she needs to. If the parents can get free daycare for her first year of Kindergarten and then have her go to Kindergarten a second time both she and they will be better off.

I don't believe in the concept of academic "kindergarten ready". If the child has significant delays the school system is responsible to provide services.

I'm more interested in if the child is well behaved, healthy, kind to others, rested, can follow directions, non violent etc.

It's okay for parents to believe their child is fine when they aren't. Perfectly normal. Once they go to free school they will get the truth when the child is in a group of kids the same age and the adult has 30 of them.

Just enjoy the rest of the summer with her and don't spend a minute "working" with her. Let her free play and self entertain. What you are doing, she isn't ready for. That's okay. Just love her up and let the parents and school do her kindergarten readiness or kindergarten repeat.