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I also agree that 4 mos old is a little young for separation anxiety...Personally, I prefer getting children as infants for that reason....then they grow up learning the routine/expectations... I think it is normal for your child to notice you are gone and possibly be unhappy/insecure about you being gone, but I also think with a hug/kiss goodbye she will learn the arriving routines, too.

On the other hand, in the past, I have allowed parents to visit with the child for a few hrs at a time during dc time, but have found this to be more harmful than helpful. Like a previous poster mentioned, the lg still has to adjust and the longer stay would prolong the issue.

I would encourage you to have a consistent arrival routine and she will then know when you hug/kiss her you are going to leave....she will then adjust to the dc program.

Also, I have had parents to overly comfort their children after pickup in the evening by constantly holding their child all night because dcp feel guilty when their child cries. Remember, you want dc to be a pleasant/loving atmosphere so do things as you normally would at home....

Children are smart and actions speak loudly. I wish the best for you and your child.