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I started my 4 month old LG at a new home daycare last week. The home daycare provider is new and has no other kids except her own 2 year old daughter. My LG went a couple of days for four hours each day and it went well. No crying. Today, however, she cried hysterically. Of course it broke my heart. I'm trying to make this transition as easy as possible and read some articles on how to help infants deal with the separation. One article suggested that I stay with her and get her used to the new environment and then gradually cut back on the amount of time that I'm there. I would love to do this. I would like to suggest to the provider that my LG start going full time but that I would stay with her for four hours each day until I have to start work. I will, of course, still pay full price. I wouldn't be able to gradually wean off time as there's only a few weeks until I have to start back to work.

As providers, how would you feel if a parent suggested this to you?
This is something I suggest to all my families as the optimal way to transition their child into child care. Not all families are able to do this but when they can, it is the best way to go. I would suggest staying the full time one day, then slowly decreasing the time each day until you just have a normal drop-off a couple of days before you have to return to work. Talk with your provider about it, explain why you think it would be beneficial. She may be thinking the same thing but not know how to approach it with you.