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I absolutely do NOT do this. For several reasons. First off your child is only 4 months old. A little too young for separation anxiety issues. You staying there more than a quick few minute goodbye is probably already making things worse.

If anything I'd recommend making the drop off quicker. It's not abnormal for kids to cry for a few minutes at drop off. That doesn't mean they cry for hours.
I should have been more clear. She doesn't cry when I leave. She's fine for the first couple of hours. I do just give her a quick kiss and I'm gone. It's the second couple of hours that she cries hysterically. And on the car ride home she started crying, screaming, so I pulled over and held her for a little while until she calmed down then put her back in her car seat and she was fine. She never does this at home. She almost never cries. If she wants something she kind of babbles in a very loud, whinny voice.