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I believe this to be a troll, 4 month olds do not have anxiety about separation from their parent, and you wanting to stay 4 hours is ridiculous.

Now, just in case... You need to, as a parent, read some child development material. Your 4 month old is NOT concerned about you leaving her and she would NOT express this by crying in the car on the way home. A four month old has these concerns: food, sleep, gas, warm, wet/poopy. If she is crying, she is hungry or the food isn't working for her (gas.) She is tired. Or she is hot/cold. Or she needs a new diaper.
I am probably one of the most accommodating providers here. There is so much I really don't care about as far as parent stuff. After 30 plus years, I still do part time, do not charge when you are not here, and do not have paid vacations. I am also open to 24 hour care. And even with all that, I would NEVER allow you to hang out for four hours a day for even one day, much less several.