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also, will add....are you a first time mother? there could be a lot of anxiety just coming from that. it is stressful to figure all this out and your child is right in the first set of milestones so her change in behavior could be change in sleep habits/regression, beginning of teething, change in diet, beginning of milestones such as staying up for longer periods, having a lot of floor play at daycare versus being held....the list goes on and on. Please dont stress yourself out comparing daycare to home behavior. It is two polar opposite places and there is so much going on in her world right now, a change in behavior could be one of a million things. Being a parent is hard work! we understand! i would just recommend not to be too hasty to throw off any changes as the daycares fault....that is slippery slope that will make you unhappy with your daycare situation faster than about anything else. if she was crying on the way home one day and you were able to soothe her quickly then it really isnt that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. babies cry, especially during big changes so I wouldnt necessarily read too much into that or feel like every thing she does "means" something. you are going to exhaust yourself trying to figure it all out. if over the whole picture of the week, things worked well and you have a comfort level with the provider then that sounds pretty good to me.