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I mean this in the niecest way possible but how do you expect your child to get used to anyone if you move her every time she cries.

Ime new children often act similar to a stray cat. It may take several days of putting your hand out, sometimes with food before the cat wil allow you to briefly touch them for a second and then run away again. They may hide in a bush and shake out of fear and display signs of stress.

You might leave food to intice them to come back, they may or may not. Over time they learn to trust you and know where to get the food from. They learn your behaviors, understand that thy can trust you and that you are safe. Eventually with time the stray cat will begin to come up to you. With more time and patience they will one day sit in your lap.

While this may sound a little crazy. In my experience children are no different

Basically you need to drop and go and give it time .

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