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if she was crying on the way home one day and you were able to soothe her quickly then it really isnt that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. babies cry, especially during big changes so I wouldnt necessarily read too much into that or feel like every thing she does "means" something. you are going to exhaust yourself trying to figure it all out. if over the whole picture of the week, things worked well and you have a comfort level with the provider then that sounds pretty good to me.
It wasn't just a cry, though. She was screaming hysterically. I'm no stranger to a crying baby. She was VERY colicky when she was little. I listened to nothing but crying for months and I know every kind of cry she makes. I know the difference between fussy and in duress, and I know my own limitations when trying to meet her needs. If she had just been fussy, whinny, crying, even heavy crying, I could accept that she's adjusting to feeding/sleeping, or whatever. I do feel like this particular cry is very serious and will be a big deal in the grand scheme of things if I ignore it.