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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I would think that as well but no, she doesn't do this at home at all. She has cried like this once or twice when she was younger due to her reflux (i think) but that is about it. Of course now that she's older it sounds a little different but it's about the same kind of urgency. Oh wait, she cried like this recently after she got her vaccine shots, too. she had a nasty reaction with fever, inflammation, whole leg turned red

I don't think it's a physical need since she stops whenever I pick her up and she doesn't start up again until the next time she's at daycare.
I could just be that she's is afraid of the new provider because she has not gotten to now her and trust her yet.

At this age translations to daycare is always harder for the parents than the child. Trust us that when we say give it time, we promise you it will happen.

However , if you are not comfortable with the provider, which will take time for you too, then pull her.

Like my story about the stray cat. It all takes time.

I had a little one that was fine if I let him be, but if I picked him up he screamed like I was pinching him. He was very part time and it took about 3 months before he finally got to fully trust me and know me. He stayed with me for 3 years.

Take a deep breath at drop off and as hard as it is, just give one hug one kiss I love you and leave. Again this is if you feel your baby is safe with the provider, which sounds like she is.