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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
thank you for taking the time to read all that! I am so worried that she's going to start refusing bottles. If I don't have to go back to work, and could stay home, from your experience with similar kids would you say that it would be in her best interest to give her more time to get more comfortable with me being away? Perhaps leaving her now is just too soon? I'm worried that letting her CIO, so-to-speak, could be detrimental to her wellbeing since she is so young.
I would truly give it more time, from the bottom of my heart. I really think that time will settle everything.

In my personal opinion, at 4 months, if all of her needs are met and there is nothing that the provider can do to make her stop - then it won't be detrimental for her to cry. In my honest opinion, if all her basic needs are met, then there is little risk of emotional issues. I think the emotional/abandonment issues would exist if all of her needs weren't being met, and a child is left to cry.

I have had a few children that age refuse bottles for the first week. It was solely because it was a new environment, with a new person, and it just wasn't the way the child had had taken bottles for the past 4 months (his entire life). If you think about it, the last 4 months is the only thing she knows and now things have all changed. Luckily, both parents had a "when they are hungry, they will drink" attitude, and surely enough - when they got hungry enough they drank. I wouldn't worry to much about her starting to refuse bottles, if she didn't do it on day 1.