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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
i understand that it is awkward and complicated having me there. i would feel bad but this provider has no other kids. and i feel that my lg must feel this same awkwardness with a new person trying to care for her. i think it would help her immensely to have an adult to communicate for her.
Yes, but you also need to let the provider and your child figure out their relationship. Left alone with your baby, the provider will learn what she want's and is expecting. You have to let them figure things out between the two of them. That is how they will bond and build trust.

They have to get into a groove, and let them communicate and get into a routine together. The provider will figure out your baby's cues without help, I promise, Plus, with your little girl behaving so differently at home and at daycare, it probably won't take the same actions it takes at home to soothe her. Plus, the daycare provider needs to do things the way it works for her - not the way you would do it.

Give it time. Give it time. Give it time.