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Am I misunderstanding this, or is it a VERY part time young infant in a brand new (less than a week) daycare situation?

Give it time.

I recommend;
sending a tshirt or blanket that you have slept with for her to cuddle with (for your smell)

stop allowing her to sleep in her crib. OMG! That is dangerous and HORRIBLE for transitioning to daycare. A licensed provider cannot allow a child to sleep in a crib for any length of time.

Get her on a schedule at home, adjust her schedule to the daycare schedule as far as feeding and napping.

Do NOT co sleep, hold her during naps, rock her to sleep. Take the time to sleep train your child.

If you are breast feeding, make sure someone gives her a bottle at least daily.

Drop and leave. It is MUCH harder for any child when a parent lingers. I wouldn't be able to accommodate a parent staying, the other children in my care would freak out at a stranger present.