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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
As has your perception of my situation now become your truth.

I never said I felt she was being neglected and I don't feel that way at all. It's not about trusting the provider, as I mentioned earlier. It's a difference in philosophies on how to acclimate one's child to a new environment. In an article I read it said staying with the child would be beneficial. Sensing that this might be offensive to some sensitive providers I came here looking for opinions on how that request might come across.
Feel free to link that article. I would love to see if it references reliable sources, was written by someone with many years of childcare and child development, etc, etc.

You are talking about crying being detrimental to your child so the natural implication because she is crying, is that you feel the current daycare situation is neglectful to her needs. Its fine if you feel that way.

I will say that your back and forth on the facts as you see them are conflicting and it appears that either you are editing posts or perhaps I am not seeing everything you are posting.

Anyway, I stand by my statements. I find it very telling that you post and highlight ONE thing I said that you did not like yet you have not commented on the rest of my very thorough post. It does not look like you want a solution. It looks like you want people to agree with you.