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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Thank you! It has been insanely hard. I think since she was so colicky when she was little I developed a really strong bond with her.

It seems there are a few providers here that say they'd be OK with my staying. And then a couple who seem to be freaking out. So I guess there's a wide range. I think since my provider is new she might not freak out; doesn't have all the buildup from years of dealing with difficult parents. But I can see how it would come off as a slight and I don't want to diminish her confidence with my LO. And as you pointed out, there is the element of my "rescuer" mentality that might create too much anxiety while I'm there which wouldn't help anything. Eh! I need to let her know by today whether LO is coming tomorrow or not. Argh! There's so much to consider.
Maybe you could just talk to your provider and see what she thinks, then make your decision. Like you said, some providers wouldn't mind and some would. Everyone has their own opinion so do what you think is right.
But remember, if your baby knows you are there, it's totally a total different situation than if you wouldn't be there, there's no way around that.

I honestly will admit that I spoil (to a certain extent) my ds, (he is 1) despite everything I know from studying (I have a degree in child dev.) and all the experience I have, and from reading on here and other internet stuff, BUT he is here with me and I'm the one that has to deal with what happens because I do spoil him. And by spoil, I don't mean that I let him get away with everything, because I don't do that, but I spoil him in an affectionate way (if that makes sense). If I want to rock him to sleep for some one on one, I will, things like that. But then again, he is here with me, other people do not have to rock him because I do-just an example.